How Much Does A New Home Cost?

We are asked this question every week and the quick answer is: "It depends on what you want." The main driver of price can be summed up in how fancy you want your home to be dressed up. Stone exterior costs more than brick, which is more than hardie board, which is more than vinyl. Do you want to keep the flooring simple with carpet and linoleum, or do you want hardwoods and ceramic tile? Cabinetry costs for your kitchen, baths and built in shelving will vary greatly based on quality level and countertop choices. We all love granite, but it costs more than laminate.

Our clients like high ceilings in living areas, but an 18 foot ceiling carries a higher cost than a 9 foot ceiling even though the finished square footage is considered identical. And don't forget the outdoor areas and garages that are not included in the finished square footage figures, but certainly carry a cost to build. Covered porches enhance a homeowner's satisfaction greatly, but they are more expensive than a deck, which is more expensive than a concrete patio area.

The easiest way to quickly determine cost is to find a home plan that you like, and then contact us to have a home price estimate done. We can quickly give you a good estimate within a 10% (plus or minus) price range so you won't waste any time looking at homes that are either above or below what you want to spend on a home. If you find the price range is in your budget, then let's fine-tune exactly what you want in the home and start moving forward on your project. Building a new home takes a lot of thought and effort, but that doesn't mean it can't be fun for you.

If you own a lot that you would like to build on or are considering purchasing a lot for construction, feel free to contact us via our "Contact Us" page for a quote. We'll come out to your lot, walk the property with you, review any plans and let you know your options without any obligation.